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D&T is a leading manufacturer of LED lights in China, specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales, and installation of outdoor LED lighting products. At present, LED lamp solutions and products have been provided to consumers in more than 80 countries and regions!
LED Street Light
LED Street Light
LED street lights can provide clear, controllable, beautiful light, lower maintenance costs, lower energy consumption, decorate roads.
New LED Outdoor Street Light
Provide you with professional outdoor solutions
Using smart chips, high luminous efficiency,
high energy saving, high environmental protection.
Suitable for all kinds of outdoor roads, highways, commercial streets, and other outdoor places!
Trendy Outdoor LED Garden Light
Provide you with professional outdoor solutions
Our garden lights are waterproof and rustproof,
It can also work normally on rainy days.
The quality of our led lights is guaranteed.
We strictly follow the standards for every part and refuse to cut corners.


Our LED lighting fixtures and street lights are widely used in the following scenarios
Our Certificate
As an excellent manufacturer of led lights, our products have passed ISO9001, CE, CCC, ROHS, IP65, IES, IEC, CQC UL certificates.

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  Customer Feedback  

Believe me, it is a very happy thing to cooperate with Leboda. The product quality is good and the service is good. Working with them is the right choice!
This is the best-led street light I have encountered, and I look forward to the next cooperation with them!
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Led Street Light Manufacturer And Supplier In China
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You can trust us
We are a professional LED light Manufacturer in China, and we are constantly innovating so that our customers can have better products and services.
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