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D&T is export oriented outdoor lights manufacturer, so you will get competitive China factory price without compromising on quality. What’s more, if you are a luminaire company, D&T OEM can be your provider of Light source and general lighting solutions to suit your individual products request.

From customers packaging, certificating, sample approval, to optional components, we are always listening to clients and give professional advice, R&D production, quality control, delivery support. Customize our luminaires to fit the application.



We providing the best service.

1. You can choose the existing led street light products from our website.

2. You can provide your design or samples, and we produce according to your requirements. We can make 99% the same as your design.

3. You only need to tell us the type you need, and we choose the right material to meet your requirements.




Our goal is to customize and produce the best led street light products for you at the most competitive price, and provide the best personalized customization service. With our professional team in China, we are able to produce various materials to meet your budget.

Our professional design team and experienced quality control personnel will ensure that your customized project is completed satisfactorily.

Whether it's the initial idea, unique design, or event or launch concept, we can perform all steps from start to finish. Our experienced staff are responsible for all the details from the initial concept to the final delivery, and ensure that your specific requirements are met.

With our purchasing ability and professional staff, D&T is undoubtedly your reliable outdoor led street light manufacturer, which can provide one-stop service for your next project.



The design plan includes: 

  • product design
  • Color combination
  • Your approved design.
  • Selection of materials and accessories (depending on your target price)

Make Sample

Make your design samples

After confirming the design plan, start to make your design samples. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to make a sample, but it depends on the complexity of the design.

After receiving the samples, you can approve the samples or instruct us to make necessary modifications. After the modification is completed and the sample is passed, mass production will begin.

Delivery and Shipping

The product is sent to the shipyard or airport

After the product is manufactured, we will send the finished product to the shipyard or airport. We promise to provide you with timely, efficient and comprehensive after-sales service. Any quality issues or business support about the product can be negotiated with us.


Start Customizing Led Street Lights for Your Project

No upfront costs, get started on your free quote today!

If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.



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